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Friday, January 20, 2012

Snaresbrook Caterer Passes Opinion

This unpleasant story comes as no surprise; I mentioned something similar a long time ago.
There is a very long history of those at the bottom of the heap doing disgusting things to their superiors' food. George Orwell's experience as a 'plongeur' in the kitchens of grand Paris hotels is a good place to start. My late father-in-law claimed to have seen a chef chewing up the parsley for a parsley butter (thus leaving his hands free for other tasks) when he did some maintenance work in a smart kitchen, and a pal who worked as a waiter in apartheid South Africa told me some disgusting stories of black waiters taking revenge on rude and contemptuous customers.
Perhaps the old profession of food taster will have a revival. I believe that some dictators, oligarchs, and spoilt Hollywood types employ them already.