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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Déjà Vu (no 147)

I have seen it scores of times, but it never fails to leave me feeling sad. A scruffy young man is in the dock, charged with a serious offence that is likely to end up with something like eighteen months from Hizonner in the (likely) event of his conviction. In the gallery is a young woman, carefully dressed and made up, her hair styled and coloured to complement her fresh young face. Her eyes are intently fixed on her unlovely paramour as we hear a bail application on his behalf. The solicitor refers to the young woman as a stabilising factor in his life, saying that he feels responsible for providing for their five month-old child. The bail application is hopeless and we remand him in custody pending committal to the Crown Court. As I announce our decision, ending with the usual "go with the officers, please" she pauses as the news sinks in, then bursts into a noisy series of sobs, lurches to her feet, and makes her way out of the courtroom. She is alone of course, without the comfort of friends or family. She will have to get on with bringing up their baby while fitting in pathetic sad visits to lover boy in the Scrubs.
By the way - just one thing I didn't mention - she is nine weeks pregnant.

As a grandfather who is privileged to see his own grandchildren loved and nurtured, it is horrible to see this mess. As a realist, it is even more depressing to realise that the (so far) two children involved are statistically likely to grow up as hopeless and lost as their parents.