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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Perk of the Job

An Australian judge, quoted in the Law Society Journal, has expressed his dismay at the standards of court dress adopted by 'some female solicitors'. He said "the worst offenders are usually well-built women who expose at least the upper halves of their breasts and as they lean forward to make a point to a judge sitting on a higher level, they present a most unwelcome display of bare flesh".

Speak for yourself, Justice P.W.Young. The average age of an English JP is about 57. For many of the fifty percent of magistrates who are of the male persuasion this 'problem' presents little difficulty. Some of us see it as a harmless perk of the job, and would never be distracted from our flint-hearted determination to administer justice by the comeliness or otherwise of a lady solicitor, nor by the depth of her decolletage .

For those disturbed or, heaven forfend, distracted by such sights, they may always choose modestly to avert their gaze, and to contemplate the oddments on the bench, the staplers and the blotters, the water carafes and the pile of holy books. Yes, that's it, the holy books.

Try it, Justice P.W. Try thinking pure thoughts and leave the rest of us to enjoy the view as we choose.