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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CPS Again

Regular readers will be aware that my feelings about the Crown Prosecution Service fall well short of adulation. Every judge magistrate or police officer will have his own horror stories of lost files, witnesses not warned, poor or late preparation and more. This piece from The Independent sums up the situation well.
I have already been alerted to the CPS Inspectorate's continuing review of the CPS areas in London, starting in the East and working westwards. The Independent reports on this too.
You can read the reports on the work carried out to date here. The Inspectorate's findings speak for themselves.
A few years ago I heard the then DPP speak, and as there was not much time for questions we were invited to write with any comments. I did so, to the effect that the CPS' grand visions were all very well, but that the failures were at a basic nuts and bolts level. Time has moved on, but that remains the case.

And here, hot from the press, is the updated Guide for Crown Prosecutors. It's also available in Welsh, Polish, Gujarati, and several other languages, but if that's your thing you will have to look it up.