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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Tomorrow and Tomorrow

I shall be sitting tomorrow, and again on Friday. I would not normally sit more than once a week, but I am filling in for a sick colleague tomorrow and I have swapped sittings with another on Friday.

One of the great things about the job is that I have absolutely no idea what I shall be doing over the next two days. It could be a trial, or two. It could be Videolink remands, it could be sentencing cases, it could be traffic, it could be fishing licences. It could be murder or (more likely) shoplifting. Something for everyone.

If I am unlucky we shall spend quite a lot of time cooling our heels while the lawyers sort things out, or the prison van extracts itself from a pile-up on the M25. On the other hand we might snatch a cup of tea at a quarter past five in the afternoon and find that there are still three custodies downstairs, but they all have the same lawyer so he needs the best part of an hour to talk to them all. Custody cases take priority because after 24 hours from charge they will be illegally detained, and that is a Bad Thing.

So, we shall see.