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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Quiz Part 2

These are the guideline starting points for the offences that I listed. They are not a tariff, and it is quite usual to go up or down one step on the scale.

1) Affray
2) Assault - Actual Bodily Harm
3) Assault Police Officer
4) Common Assault
Community Penalty (but consider circs. carefully and remember compensation to victim)
5) Disorderly Behaviour ('Section 5')
Discharge or Fine
6) Disorderly Behaviour With Intent to Cause Harassment Alarm or Distress ('Section 4A')
Community penalty
7) Drunk and Disorderly
Discharge or Fine (Easy!)
8) Harassment (conduct causing fear of violence)
9) Harassment
Community Penalty
10) Possession of a Bladed Instrument /Offensive Weapon (separate offence, but similar penalties)
11) Threatening Behaviour ('section 4')
Community Penalty
12) Violent Disorder
Commit to Crown Court
13) Wounding - GBH ('section 20')
Commit to Crown Court

This gives the flavour, but of course real disposals vary widely in response to the seriousness of the offence as assessed by the court.