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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fairly Typical

While giving my study a much-overdue tidying I came across a court list from a month or so ago. I had used the back to make some notes, and had absent-mindedly brought the whole lot home. So here is a typical list from a remand court:-
1) Woman, 20, Shoplifting
2) Man, leaving car in dangerous position
3) Man, 19, possession of cannabis x 2
4) Man, 19, Shoplifting
5) Man, 19, Theft, Fail to Surrender to Bail
6) Man, 23, Drive Unfit Through Drugs
7) Man, 34, Making off without payment (aka bilking) x 3
8) Man, 20, Possession of cannabis (55 grams) and 5 grams
9) Man, 31, drink-drive (125ug/100) Limit is 35
10)Man, 30, Shoplifting
11)Man, 19, Criminal damage (£1000) to car (girlfriend's?)
12)Woman, 20, No insurance (supermarket car park)
13)Man, 51, Offensive indecent or obscene electronic communication x 3
14)Man, 31, Application to vary bail conditions.
15)Man, 51, Assault constable
16)Man, 43, Fail to provide sample of breath
17)Man, Leaving car in restricted street
18)Man, 33, Dog dangerously out of control in a public place
19)Man, 24, Offensive weapon (metal cosh), use car without insurance
20)Man, 31, Criminal damage (£1000) to furniture (girlfriend's?)
21)Man, 19, Affray
22)Man, 24, Drive Disqualified, No Insurance
23)Man, 18, Fail to comply with curfew (tagging) order
24)Woman, 20, Affray (linked with 21), criminal damage to car
25)Man, 41, Affray (linked with 21 and 24)
26)Man, 43, No Insurance, No MoT
In addition there were 10 extra cases not listed, half of them in custody. This gives you an idea of a typical remand court day - nothing drastic on the main list, but a few nasties in the extras. This was on a midweek day when two youth courts were sitting so all of the under-18s were dealt with there. I wasn't sitting that day, but I believe they managed to finish at 4.30. Not a bad day's work.