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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Still Some Way To Go

My Bench Chairman tells me that a few weeks ago he spoke to a group of new people who have passed selection and are due to be sworn in shortly. He gave them the usual pep talk about not talking to the Press, and generally not making a fool of yourself in public, and he gave them the bad news that henceforth speed limits were for obeying, however cross that makes White Van Man in the mirror. Three points earn a letter from the Lord Chief, six earn a severe letter, and nine mean you are out. In some circumstances six points for one offence will see you shown the door, as happened to a colleague a couple of years ago. They all nodded sagely, but as they drove away after the session one of the new people was right behind the chairman, mobile phone clamped to her ear for a good five minutes. A few words of advice are on the cards here.