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Monday, February 04, 2008

There's a Funny Thing

Newspaper printing deadlines can sometimes trip writers up. It's a bit of bad luck for Ed Caesar, who had a centre-spread piece in yesterday's Sunday Times magazine about the rich kids who haunt pretentious and expensive night clubs, featuring a photograph of one Henry Conway, a 'promoter and fashion journalist' wearing a fur collar and a smug expression. The photo acquired a whole new context between the magazine going to press and its hitting the news stands, since we now know that Conway is a beneficiary of his MP father's plundering of public funds to keep his sons (and their friends) well supplied with champagne.
Do you think Henry would fancy coming down to my court on a day when benefit fraudsters are dealt with? I am afraid that he might feel a little frisson of disgust at the sort of people who appear before us, but they are, after all, on an identical moral footing to his father.