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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bad Week? Make That A Bad Fortnight

It isn't getting better is it?
Now we have the anti-terrorist operation in the North West apparently drawing a blank, and the arrest and release on bail of 114 potential environmental protesters in the East Midlands (on suspicion of conspiracy, which is a far more serious matter than the substantive offence). Whatever happens, the investigation of over a hundred alleged conspirators is not going to be simple, and is going to soak up a huge amount of police resources, not to mention legal aid and court costs - if any of it ever gets to court that is. Now this evening we discover that, oops, yes, there is a bit more CCTV of the G20 protest available, and a clip has turned up that appears to show an officer, his numbers concealed in breach of regulations, assaulting a woman.
Somebody needs to get a grip. Where's the Home Secretary? Isn't that her job?