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Friday, November 20, 2009

Just As If............

A young man was alleged to have committed a robbery on a trader, causing great terror, but mercifully no injury, to the victim. With the bovine stupidity that characterises so many of our customers he had performed the robbery in clear shot of good quality CCTV, from which police immediately recognised him. Once armed officers had been sent for, since he was suspected to be carrying a weapon of sorts, a couple of vanloads of police went to his home, bashed in the front door, and stormed inside. According to the prosecutor the officers shouted "Where's the money?". The defendant prudently took them to the cash, and he was arrested.
The defence solicitor did not apply for bail, but had one representation to make:-
"Just one thing sir, I am instructed that what the police in fact shouted was 'Where's the fucking money, scumbag'".
That doesn't sound like a police officer now, does it?