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Sunday, December 06, 2009

It's Not Just Here Then

I am sometimes accused of being a bit harsh on some of the day to day managerial and operational decisions taken by the police and prosecution authorities. I continue to hold the view that a lot of low-to-medium level policing could be improved by a bit of old-fashioned commonsense management. But look what the Aussies are up to.

Isn't there someone out there with a bit of rank and access to a telephone who can deliver, as forcefully as possible, the message that the police have more important things to worry about?
It reminds me of this nonsense a while ago.

It's the telly, isn't it? How long before somebody gets arrested for something to do with 'Strictly Come X-Factor' or 'I've Got Talent Get Me Out Of Here' or any of the other depressingly popular drivel in the same vein?