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Monday, November 30, 2009

"Police Said it Wasn't a Police Matter"

Wasn't it?

This dreadful story is just the latest in the blood-soaked history of the obsession, among too many of our fellow citizens, with breeding and owning vicious dogs as a mixture of style statement and fashion accessory, and, on occasion, as weapons.
I have blogged on the subject here, here,here, here and elsewhere.
Let's not be mealy mouthed about this. There is no reason for any civilised person to want one of these savage animals. They should all, even the 'aaah-he's-so-cuddly' so called pets, be destroyed. If the original Dangerous Dogs Act had been enforced (tricky because it was so badly drafted) the breeds would already have died out. I have seen cases in recent years of breeding and selling these lethal animals. The police have a softer policy these days, at least in London, allowing attack dogs to survive if chipped and neutered. Sod that. Destroy them all. One innocent child is worth more than all the dogs in the country put together.