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Friday, December 11, 2009

This Could Be Interesting

This report suggests that lawyers acting for A.Golfer Esq have obtained an Injunction clamping down on the reporting of certain alleged facts about which this blog has not the slightest opinion, suspicion, knowledge or any other inkling of a sniff.

Subject to contract, without prejudice, terms and conditions apply, as do disclaimers and caveats, instructions and retainers, all inclusive of VAT and Wig Surcharge. Oh yes, plus disbursements too. Your house is probably not at risk. Comments may be recorded for training purposes.

Who wants to bet though, that the whole thing is out there somewhere on the Web as I type this, and will be well and truly in the public domain by, shall we say, Monday?

(Five Minutes Later....)

Found it. Just Google Tiger Woods Injunction, and off you go. Still, with the credit crunch on, m'learned friends need all the money they can get. Christmas is coming, and New Year at Sandy Lane doesn't get any cheaper as years go by.