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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Loophole Schmoophole

Martin has kindly drawn my attention to yet another celebrity-gets-off story.
It is always offensive when someone buys himself out of a criminal case because he is rich - Dickens would have wearily recognised many such a case. These days being famous is almost as good as being rich, since fame is the new aristocracy.
But however much that may rankle, we have to remember that the likes of 'Mr. Loophole' (yuk!) don't make new laws, but rather point out the incompetence and inefficiency with which the police and CPS sometimes assemble cases and present them in court. There are very few real loopholes; there are plenty of sloppy late-night, tired-and- just-going-off-shift police cock-ups and many CPS files that are handled casually and carelessly.
A properly considered and reviewed case that fits the CPS' criteria is unlikely to fail in court. Sadly, that is becoming an endangered species.