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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Another Good Link

All judges and magistrates, along with such people as tribunal chairmen are now officially members of one judiciary. We even have access to our own notepaper (generic rather than personalised for thse of us who toil in the lower courts) because it seemed wrong that a bench chairman (for example) writing a letter in his official capacity had to have it typed either using his home address or Her Majesty's Courts Service letterhead. The judiciary has its independence enshrined by law, so it must be right that we keep our distance from the civil servants in HMCS.

There is a new website that contains lots of useful information about the system, and attempts, as does your humble servant, to dispel myths and misconceptions about the courts.

Judicial independence is likely to come under increasing pressure in the short to medium term, so it is very important that the public understands what the judiciary is doing in its name.