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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

All Time Great Legal Jokes No. 144

Ethical Dilemma

Mrs. Robertson, an eighty year-old widow, visits her solicitors to make a small adjustment to her will. She has been a client of the firm for more than fifty years, and the senior solicitor who looks after her affairs rapidly notes her instructions and promises to get the job done straight away. The client reaches into her bag and takes out a small container. "I have just brought along a couple of my home made cakes. I hope you like them. One other thing; to save trouble, let me settle your bill now, rather than waiting for you to send it in". "Well thank you" says the lawyer. "As an old client, shall we call it fifty pounds?"
The old lady handed over a fifty pound note, and prepared to leave.
Later, the lawyer was about to put the note into his wallet (such a small sum being too trivial to trouble the tax authorities with) when he noted that he had been given two new fifty pound notes that were stuck together.
So here is the ethical dilemma he faced:-

Should I tell my partners?